Iuri Akobia (with R.Becker)
Prize, Shahova Skladba, 2005


The move "look ahead". This move is necessary for covering (and also has other purposes ) wN on b2 from an attack bR from h2, g2. As it to move in a wrong try 1. Rc8!? [1.Rc8!? Kb6! 2.Rh8 Rg6 3.Kc8 Ka5 4.Nb2 Rg2= ; 1...d4 2.Nb2 [Thematic try 2.Kc7!? d3 3.Rd2 Rd4 4.Nb2 Ka5 zz WTM 5.Kc6 Kb4= (Rd8) zz WTM 2...d3 3.Rd2 Rd4 [3...Rd5 4.Rxd3 +-; 3...Rd7 4.Kc8 Rd4 5.Rxd3 Rb4 6.Rd2 +-] 4.Kc8! [Thematic try 4.Kc7!? Ka5! zz WTM 5.Kc6 Kb4 6.Kb6 Rd6+ 7.Kc7 Rd5 8.Nxd3+ Ka5 9.Kc6 Rd4 10.Rd1 Rd8 zz WTM=] 4...Ka5 5.Kc7 zz BTM 5...Rd5 6.Nxd3 zz BTM [Thematic try 6.Kc6!? Rd8 7.Nxd3 Rd4 zz WTM 8.Rd1 Rd8 zz WTM=] 6...Rd4 7.Kc6 zz BTM 7...Rd8 [main 7...Rxa4 8.Nc5 Rh4 9.Ra2+ Kb4 10.Ra4++- ] 8.Rd1 zz BTM 8...Rd4 [main 8...Rc8+ 9.Kd7 Rc2 10.Ra1 Rc4 11.Nb2 +-] 9.Kc5 Rxa4 [main 9...Rd8 10.Kc4+- ] 10.Nb2 Ra2 [main 10...Rh4 11.Ra1+ Ra4 12.Rxa4# ] 11.Rd8 Rxb2 12.Ra8#