Iuri Akobia (with R.Becker)
2nd HM, Polasek&Vlasak50JT, 2007

1.Re7! [1.Rxf3 Nd7+ 2.Ke8 Nxf6+ ]
1...Nd7+ 2.Rdxd7
[2.Rexd7 Rb8+ 3.Rd8 Rxd8+ 4.Rxd8 Bxf6-+ 5.Rd6 the similar position to the main, but white loses here easily 5...Ng5! 6.Rb6 Ne6+ 7.Ke8 (7.Kg8 Bd4 8.Ra6 Kf6 9.Rd6 Ke7 ) 7...Bd4 8.Ra6 Kg7! 9.Ke7 Nf4 ] 2...Rxd7 [2...Rb8+ the second thematic line 3.Re8 Rxe8+ 4.Kxe8 the same postion as in main line, but the King on e8 instead of f8 4...Ne5! in this constellation better as Ng5 (4...Ng5 5.Rd4 (5.Rd1 ) 5...Bxf6 (5...Kxf6 6.Rg4 Ne6 7.Rg1 Ng7+ (7...Nc7+ 8.Kf8 Bg7+ 9.Kg8 Ne6 10.Rf1+ ) 8.Kf8 Nf5 (8...Ne6+ 9.Kg8 ) 9.Kg8 Bg7 10.Rf1 ) 6.Rg4 Kg7 7.Rg1 ) 5.Rd1 Bxf6 6.Re1! (6.Kf8 Bg5 ) 6...Bg7 7.Rg1+ Kf6 (7...Kh7 8.Rf1 (8.Ke7 enough to draw) ) 8.Rf1+ Ke6 9.Rxf7 Nxf7 stalemate] 3.Rxd7 Ng5! [3...Ne5 4.Rd6 Bxf6 5.Ra6 positional draw, black cannot free the pin 5...Nf3 6.Rb6 Ng5 7.Kg8! Kf5 8.Rb7 Ke6 9.Rb6+ ] 4.Kg8! [4.Rd5!? premature 4...Nh7+! 5.Kg8 Nxf6+ ; 4.Ra7 Bxf6 5.Ra6 Ne6+ wins] 4...Bxf6 5.Rd5! mutual zugzwang [5.Rd1 Be5 6.Rd5 f6 wins; 5.Rd6 Kf5 6.Rd7 Ke6 7.Ra7 Be5 ] 5...Ne6 6.Rd7 Nd8 7.Rd6! Ne6 8.Rd7 Ng5 9.Rd5! we are back
9...Be7!? 10.Rd7 Kf6
[10...Bc5 11.Rxf7 Nxf7 stalemate] 11.Rd1! after this y-move we have a very interesting RxB battle with geometric motives 11...Bc5 and also this move has his minus, see 12...Ke7? [11...Ba3 12.Rg1! and there is not Bc1 (12.Rf1+? Ke7 13.Re1+ Ne6 14.Rf1 f6 ) ; 11...Bb4 12.Rd5! and there is not Bd2 12...Nf3 13.Rb5 Bd6 14.Rb6 ] 12.Rf1+ Ke6 [12...Ke7 13.Rf5 the problem of Bc5] 13.Re1+ Kd6 14.Rf1 Ke6 15.Re1+ Kf6 16.Rf1+ Kg6 17.Rxf7 Nxf7 stalemate.