Iuri Akobia (with R.Becker)
3rd comm Bent MT, 2007

1.Ra1! [1.Kg2!? g4 2.Rh1+ (2.f4 Rxf4 -+; 2.Ra1 d2 3.a7 Ra4 (d1Q) -+) 2...Kg5 3.Ra1 d2 4.a7 Rd8 5.Kf2 Re8 6.Kg3 f4+-+ ] 1...d2 2.a7 Rd8 3.Kg2 [3.a8Q? d1Q 4.Rxd1 Rxa8-+ ] 3...g4 [3...Kh5 4.Kf2 Re8 (4...g4 5.f4 Ra8 6.Ke2 g3 7.Kf3 Rxa7 8.Rh1+ Kg6 9.Kxg3= ) 5.Rh1+ Kg6 6.Ra1 f4 7.Rd1 Ra8 8.Rxd2 Rxa7 9.Rd6 (Rd8) =] 4.f4 Kh5 Main B) [4...g3 Main A) 5.Kf3 (5.a8Q!? d1Q -+) 5...Rd3+ 6.Kg2 (6.Ke2!? d1Q+ 7.Rxd1 Ra3 8.Rd7 Kg4 9.Rb7 Kxf4 10.Rb4+ Kg5 -+) 6...Ra3 7.a8Q Rxa8 8.Rxa8 d1R (8...d1Q 9.Rh8+ Kg4 10.Rh4+ Kxh4 stalemate) 9.Rh8+ Kg4 10.Rg8+ Kh4 11.Rh8+ Kg4 positional draw, or 12.Rg8+ Kxf4 13.Rg4+ Kxg4 stalemate] 5.Kf2! [5.Rh1+!? Kg6 6.Rd1 Ra8 7.Rxd2 Rxa7-+ ] 5...e8 [5...Ra8 6.Ke2 transposes] 6.Rh1+ Kg6 7.Ra1 Kf7 8.Kf1 Kg7 9.Kf2 Kg6 10.Kf1 Kh5 11.Kf2 [11.Kg2!? Ra8 12.Rh1+ Kg6 13.Rd1 Rxa7-+ ] 11...Ra8 12.Ke2 g3 13.Kf3 Rxa7 14.Rh1+ Kg6 15.Kxg3 Rd7 16.Rd1 Rd3+ 17.Kf2 Kh5 18.Ke2 Rd8 19.Kf3 Rd3+ 20.Ke2 positional draw.

"The length of the sideline on Black's third undermines the credibility of the main line."