Iuri Akobia (with R.Becker)
1st prize, Neidze 70 JT, 2007


1.Nd4! [1.Ne3!? Kxb3 2.Kxa5 c5 3.Kb5 Bd4-+ ] 1...Bg2 2.Rg4! [Thematic try 2.Rf4!? Bxd4 3.Rxd4 Ne2 4.Rd3 (4.Rc4 Kxb3 5.Rxc7 a4 -+) 4...Nc1 5.Rc3 Nxb3 6.Rxc7 Bf1+ -+] 2...Bh3 [2...Bxd4 3.Rxg2! c5 4.b4! axb4 (4...cxb4 5.Kc4 Bb6 6.Rg3+ Ka4 7.Rg6 Ba7 8.Rg7 Be3 9.Rg3 Bb6 10.Rg6 =) 5.Kc4 zz 5...b3 6.Rg3 =] 3.Re4 (Rf4) [3.Rxg1? Bxd4 4.Rg3 Bf1+ -+] 3...Bxd4 4.Rxd4 Ne2 5.Rh4! [Thematic try 5.Ra4+!? Kxb3 6.Rxa5 Bg2 7.Ra6 Nc3+ 8.Kc5 Na4+ 9.Kb5 Bf1+-+ ; Thematic try 5.Rd3!? Bf5 6.Re3 Nc1 7.Kxa5 (7.Rc3 Nxb3 -+) 7...Bd3 8.b4 Nb3# ] 5...Bf1 [5...Bf5 6.Ra4+ Kxb3 7.Rxa5 Be4 8.Kc5 Nf4 9.Ra6 Bg2 10.Rf6 Nd3+ 11.Kd4 =] 6.Kxa5 Nc1 7.Ra4+ Kb2 Main B [Main A 7...Kxb3 8.Rb4+ Kc3 9.Rb1! (9.Rb5? Bc4 -+) 9...Kc2 10.Rb5 Nb3+ 11.Rxb3 Kxb3 stalemate] 8.Rf4 [8.Rb4!? c5 9.Rf4 Bd3 10.Ka4 Ne2 11.Rf2 Kc3 -+] ...Nxb3+ 9.Kb4! [9.Ka4!? Nc5+ 10.Ka5 Bd3 11.Kb4 Ne4 -+] 9...c5+ 10.Ka4 Bd3 [10...Nd2 11.Rxf1 Nxf1 12.Kb5 =; 10...Ba6 11.Rc4 Bc8 12.Kb5 Bd7+ 13.Kb6= (13.Ka6? Be6-+ ) ] 11.Rc4! zz 11...Be2 [11...Ka2 12.Rc3 c4 13.Kb4 Nd2 14.Rxd3 cxd3 15.Kc3 =] 12.Re4 Bd3 [12...Nd4 13.Rxe2+ Nxe2 14.Kb5 =] 13.Rc4 Bxc4 stalemate.

"This is a masterful work with synthesis of two stalemates on a background of struggle of rook against B+N+P. The best study of the tournament". V.N.