Iuri Akobia (with M.Garcia)
1.c Gorgiev 100 MT, 2010

1.Ke3!! [1.Sg3? Bc6 2.Sf5 Kf6 3.Rf2 (3.Sd4 Bd5 4.Re8 Kg7 5.Re7+ Kg6= ; 3.Sxd6 a5 4.Rf2+ Kg6= ) 3...Ba4 4.Sxd6+ Kg6 5.Sf7 Kxh7 6.Rh2+ Kg7 7.Sxh8 a5 8.Kc3 (8.Ke3 Bb5= ) 8...Bc6= ; 1.Sf4? Bc6 2.Rh2 a5= ] 1...Kg6 2.Sf4+! [Thematic try 2.Rh2!? Bc6! (not 2...Kxh7? 3.Sf4+ Kg7 4.Rc2 and the thematic main line) 3.Sf4+ Kg7 4.Se6+ Kg6 5.Sf4+ Kg7 positional draw] 2...Kxh7 3.Rh2+ Kg7 [main 3...Kg8 4.Rc2 Bb7 5.Rc7 Bh1 6.Rc8+ Kh7 7.Rc1 Ba8 8.Rc7+ Kh6 9.Rc8+- ] 4.Rc2 d5! 5.Rc8 d4+! 6.Kf2! Bh1 7.Kg1 Bf3 [or also 7...Be4 8.Se6+ Kh7 (or 8...Kf6 9.Sc5+- ) 9.Sg5++- ] 8.Se6+ Kh7 [or also 8...Kf6 9.Sxd4+- ] 9.Sg5++-