Iuri Akobia (with P.Arestov)
3.p Problemist Ukraine 10, 2014

Not quite expected move, since control is removed from the g2 and Black attacks white king. 1...Qg2+! [1...Qf3+ 2.Ka7 Rxg5 3.Bg6 Rxg6 4.h7 Rh6 5.Ra6+ d6 6.Rxd6++- ] 2.Ka7! It's not easy to choose a place for a wK 2...Qxg5 3.Bg6! Qxg6 [3...Rh1 4.Ra6+ d6 5.Rxd6+ Kxe5 6.Rc5++- ; 3...Qxh6 4.Ra6+ Kxe5 5.Re8++- ] 4.Ra6+ and Black is forced to throw the pawn d7 4...d6 5.Rxd6+ Now White forced Black to take pawn e5 5...Kf5! 6.Rf6+!! [Thematic try 6.Rxg6? and here is "Study in study"-BTM, draw: 6...Rxg6 .Rf8+ Kxe5 8.Rh8 Rf6! (Thematic try by black: 8...Re6? 9.h7 Re7+ 10.Ka8!! Ke4 11.Kb8 Ke5 12.Kc8 Ke6 13.e4 Ke5 14.Kd8 Kd6 15.e5+ Ke6 16.Re8+- ) 9.h7 Rf7+ 10.Kb6 Re7 11.Kc6 Ke6 12.Kc5 Ke5 13.e4 Rc7+ 14.Kb6 Re7 15.Kc5 Rc7+ positional draw] 6...Kxe5 [6...Kg5 7.Rxg6+ Kxg6 8.Rg8++- ] 7.Rxg6 Rxg6 8.Rc5+ Ke4 9.Rh5+-