Iuri Akobia (with M.Garcia)
1.p Problemist of Ukraine 10 JT, 2014

logical chose of square for night. It is necessary to force the black king to b3. [Another square gave to Black easy win- 1.Nc2? Kxc2 2.Ne4 f1Q-+ ; Thematic try 1.Bd8? Nc4! (not 1...Nc8? 2.Kd5 Nh6 3.Nf1 Nf5 4.Ke6 Ncd6 5.Bf6 Bxf6 6.Kxf6= ) 2.Kd5 Ne3+! 3.Ke4 (3.Kxd4 Nf5+-+ ) 3...Nh6! 4.Kf3 Nef5 5.Nf1 Nf7 6.Bc7 N7d6! (not 6...Kxa1? 7.b5 N7d6 8.b6= ) 7.Ke2 Kxa1-+ ] 1...Kxb3 2.Ne4! Now it is clear why it was necessary to force bK on b3 2...f1N! [2...f1Q 3.Nd2+ Kxb4 4.Nxf1 classical draw] 3.b5 Nc8! [3...Kb4 4.Bd8! Nc4 5.b6 Nfe3 6.b7 Ba7 7.Bg5= ; 3...Nc4 4.Nc5+ Kc3 5.Ne4+ Kb4 6.Be1+ Kb3 7.Kd5 Bb6 8.Nc5+ Bxc5 9.Kxc5= ] 4.Kc7 [4.Kd7? Na7 5.Nd6 Ne3= ] 4...Nce7 5.Kd7 Nd5 [5...Ng6 6.Bd8 Kc4 (6...Nf8+ 7.Kc6= ) 7.b6 Kd5 8.b7 Ne5+ 9.Kc8 Nc6 10.Ng5! Nge7+ (10...Ba7 11.Bc7 Nd2 12.b8Q Bxb8 13.Bxb8= ) 11.Kd7 Ng6 12.Bc7 Nge5+ 13.Kc8= ] 6.Bg5! Be3! [or also 6...Kc4 7.Nd6+ Kc5 8.Ne4+ Kxb5 9.Ke6 Kc6 10.Kf7 domination] 7.Bxe3 Nfxe3 8.Kc6 Nb4+ [8...Nge7+ 9.Kc5= ] 9.Kd6! [9.Kc5? Ka4! 10.b6 Na6+ 11.Kd4 (11.Kc6 Ne7+! 12.Kd6 Nc8+ 13.Kc6 Ka5 14.Nd6 Ne7+-+ ) 11...Nc2+-+ ] 9...Nc4+ [9...Ned5 10.Kc5 Ka4 11.b6 Nge7 12.b7 Nec6 13.Nf2! draws: 13...Nf4 14.Ne4 Ka5 15.Kd6= ] 10.Ke6! [10.Kc5? Ne7 11.b6 Na6+ 12.Kb5 Nb8 13.b7 Nec6 14.Nc5+ Kc3-+ ] 10...Nh6 11.Nd6! Nb6 [11...Ne3 12.b6! (12.Nf7? Nhf5 13.b6 Nd4+-+ ) 12...Na6 13.b7 Nhg4 14.Ne4 Kc4 15.Nf6= ] 12.Nf7! Ng4 13.Ne5! Ne3 [or 13...Nf2 14.Nd7= ] 14.Nd7! Nbc4 15.Ne5! Na5 16.Nc6!=